September 2013

Will Paul and Carl revive Velo Syndikat? Is it time to go racing again?


Turkey Burn 2011

Yes, I know it's late notice but we will be having a Turkey Burn ride this year. It will be 11-26-11. That's Saturday! It will be from 9am to 12pm. This year we will be having the ride on the South side of camp....there are some reopened trails that we will be riding too so if you haven't been to the camp lately you're missing out! If you need directions just call, text or email me. Rob Walters 319-415-6302 or captainbobinc@gmail.comAlso, I will whip up a batch of Chili for us to eat after we ride.Thanks and hope to see you there!


Bobber's Cross - Sat and Sun

Paul and I attended Bobbers Cross at North Liberty on Saturday and Sunday. Great place to be. Fantastic weather; great food.
Paul did not ride on Saturday but did ride on Sunday. He planned on doing 3 laps but managed to squeeze in 4 laps. And he said he wasn't too sore afterwards.


Mountain Bike Race at Camp Ingawanis July 31, 2011

Working registration for the Ingawanis Group this morning....Looks like it is going to be a sunny day.

For more information go to  http://ingawanismtb.blogspot.com/


Mountain Bike Race at Camp Ingawanis

To enlarge click on the picture


Turkey Burn!

Ingawanis Mountain Biking is having a Turkey Burn ride again this year. It will be on 11-27-10 from 8am to 12pm. Location will be the South side trails. If you need directions call Rob 319-415-6302. Here is a link to the IMB blog. http://ingawanismtb.blogspot.com/
No rider left behind... Chili will be served after the ride.
Hope to see you there!


Oakley Night Cap Cross - Friday October 15th - Results

Results from the BIKE IOWA blog
Our very own Steve Bullerman took 2nd place.  Congrats to Steve -  (for some reason the team name was not listed, maybe next time)


1 Evan Peterson MASON CITY IA North Iowa Spin

2 Steve Bullerman Waterloo IA VELO SYNDIKAT

3 Ryan French DES MOINES IA Zealous Racing

4 Geoff Perrill IOWA CITY IA Iowa City Cycling Club

5 Brian Abbott IOWA CITY IA Unattached


Sunday Cedar Falls CycloCross

Men's Open - Racing a tandem...
Very interesting to watch the coordination to go over the barriers

 Carl in the Cat 3/4, took 4th place.

Jerome Rewerts, First Place Winner in Men's Open.

Stay on his wheel, Steve.


Steve, 2nd place in Men's Open,
with Mike Johnson, who came out to watch,  after a 100 mile
night gravel race in Iowa City, where he took 3rd place.

Saturday Cedar Falls CycloCross

These pictures are courtesy of Kim Pierce. She was out on the course taking some great shots. Thanks Kim.

 Steve and the barriers.

From the top of the hill 

Down the hill and around the tiers


Middle Park Madness

Paul was in Illinois for meetings from Thursday thru Saturday, so he missed the Friday night race in Des Moines and a Saturday race in the Quad Cities. But he stopped in Davenport for Middle Park Madness on the way home from Galena. (a scenic route I am sure)
 Mens 35+, 45+ and 55+

 Paul has to go across the barriers yet and then loop around to go back to the west

 I couldn't resist the beautiful foliage....there is a rider under the tree, if you look real close.

 Here comes Kathleen Porter, from Twisted Spokes

 Men's Open - Kevin, Brian and Jeremiah

 Someone needs a drink

 Men's Open -  Brian, Kevin and Jeremiah

 I was at the top and the course went up, down and all around

 Men's Open - I think it is Nate in white

Getting a little air

The weather was beautiful, not normal cross weather but it was nice to be about to get out of the car and not freeze. Carl was still not feeling well, someone from work had come in sick and shared with everyone.